AmericaView 2010 Fall Technical Meeting: 11-13 October

Accommodations (map)

There are room blocks for the AmericaView 2010 Meeting in the downtown hotels listed below.

  • You are encouraged not to rent a car - parking on campus is very difficult. By contacting the front desk, all the hotels (with the exception of the Lowell Hall) provide free shuttle services for the airport, Pyle Center and campus as well as downtown restaurants. At the airport, you can use the hotel courtesy phone located at baggage claim's hotel information board to request a pick-up. Taxi service is also located at the end of the terminal next to baggage claim.
  • All room rates are for single rooms. Double rooms are available at the federal rate, if requested. Some hotels may still offer smoking rooms, but they are very rare in Madison.

Please make your reservations before 10 September to get the conference (federal) rate.

  • Lowell Hall (map) (distance to meetings: 0.1 miles)

    As part of the University's Extension Service, Lowell Hall provides lodging one block from the Pyle Center. Please call (866) 301-1753 toll-free to reserve a room in the “AmericaView” block. ($88/night -- with/without view, 30 rooms). [Pros/Cons: Pro: best location relative to the meeting (one block away: 0.1 miles) and restaurants/bars on State Street, Con: not enough rooms for whole meeting, no restaurant/bar in hotel, no airport shuttle, small dorm-like rooms].

  • The Madison Concourse Hotel (map) (distance to meetings: 0.6 miles)

    Located just off the Capitol Square near State Street, The Madison Concourse Hotel is Madison's #1 business hotel and offers an online reservation service or call (800) 356-8293. (2011 federal rate of $88/night, 30 rooms). [Pros/Cons: Pro: many in-hotel amenities (i.e. restaurant and bar), airport shuttle, good location, just off the Capitol Square. Con: a bit further away (0.6 miles) than Lowell, Double Tree and Edgewater].

  • Edgewater Hotel (map) (distance to meetings: 0.5 miles)

    On the shore of Lake Mendota, the Edgewater Hotel is just a few blocks east of the Pyle Center. Reservations must be made by calling the hotel directly at (800) 922-5512 and ask for “SY” or “AmericaView.” (2011 federal rate of $88/night, 20 rooms). [Pros/Cons: Pro: lakeshore location, 1/2 mile from meeting, in-hotel amenities, airport shuttle. Con: further away from State Street dining].

  • The Best Western Inn on the Park (map) (distance to meetings: 0.8 miles)

    For a room at the Best Western Inn on the Park located on Capitol Square, please ask for “UW Space Science AmericaView Meeting (AV)” block. Guests must call the hotel directly at
    (800) 279-8811 or at (608) 285-8000 for this block. (university rate of $114/night, 20 rooms). [Pros/Cons: Pro: National chain, 24hr airport shuttle, Capitol Square location. Cons: slightly more "urban" environment than Edgewater, Double Tree. Slightly further away from meetings 0.8 miles].

  • The Hilton DoubleTree (map) (distance to meetings: 0.4 miles)

    Located closer to campus on West Johnson is The Hilton DoubleTree. The room block is called “AMV” and you must call the hotel at (608) 251-5511. (2011 federal rate of $88/night, 15 rooms). [Pros/Cons: Pro: National chain, airport shuttle, in-hotel amenities, very close to meetings . Cons: further away from dining on State Street].

  • The Hyatt Place Hotel, Downtown Madison (map) (distance to meetings: 0.7 miles)

    The Hyatt Place is a brand new hotel located on West Washington Avenue. Please ask for “SSEC America View” by calling (608) 257-2700. (2010 federal rate of $93/night, 20 rooms). [Pros/Cons: Pro: National chain, airport shuttle, in-hotel amenities, newly constructed. Cons: further away from meetings and dining on State Street].

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